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Shaped plants

We could define green sculptures the plants formed in this way.

The art of pruning trees and shrubs in such a way as to give them geometric shapes or other shapes than their natural form it is called topiary art, the mixture of art and technique performed by skilled hands.

We talk about art because the gardeners who take care of the pruning of these plants are real sculptors who are able to draw from the plants the most extraordinary forms.

The formed plants are therefore used purely for ornamental use. Usually the shape is given to a single plant that is placed at the entrance of driveways, shops, houses, gardens and constituting a real green furniture. 

Pruning should take place at least twice a year, but of course in the case of particularly complex forms it may be necessary more often.

The buxus is certainly the most suitable species to realize vegetal sculptures thanks to its small but very thick and regular foliage that creates a perfect texture to realize even the most complicated forms.

Also holly or ilex lends itself to this use, as indeed the laurel that with its conical shape is very suitable for spherical representations.

The taxus as the buxus is a rustic plant that therefore adapts easily to all types of terrain and climate, is long-lived and therefore perfect for realizing elaborate works from dark green color.

In the nursery we have a large assortment of plants suitable for this use, both as variety and as size.

You can request a visit to the nursery and you will be accompanied by our staff who will advise you.

produzione piante formate per arte topiaria
piante formate
piante formate in vendita a pistoia