Plant production

Plant cultivation

  • Growing plants in containers

    Growing plants in containers

    Growing plants in containers The cultivation of the plants in containers embraces the entire production of the Giacomelli nursery. In vase you can in fact find all the species present in our catalog, seasonally enriched with trendy plants. The ornamental plants cultivated in vase are suitable to decorate space such as gardens, terraces, balconies.  They […]
  • Growing plants in the open ground

    Growing plants in the open ground

    Growing plants in the open ground Cultivating plants in open ground is an excellent way to obtain healthy and robust trees and shrubs, strong and above all allows you to reach remarkable size and heights, with a cultivation that can last even many years. Trees, shrubs and perennials grown in soil To obtain an excellent […]


A large variety of plants to meet the demand of Garden centers, landscapers, landscape architects and wholesalers in general.

Trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, fruit plants, conifers, hedge plants, formed plants, perennials and climbers of various sizes and shapes are part of the production Giacomelli nurseries.

The wide range in the catalogue includes plants with very different characteristics, influenced by the climate, the location, the brightness, the type of soil and the care received.

It ranges from very easy to manage plants that require very little attention, to more delicate plants, from large trees to small garden shrubs, from overgrown ornamental plants to beautiful climbing plants.

An accurate selection that allows all our customers to find the best solution for their business.