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The shrubs include all those woody and perennial plants that have a branch already from the base and heights that do not exceed 5 meters. These characteristics differentiate them from trees.

Almost all of them are suitable to be used for the green furnishing of gardens, to delimit the boundaries, to create fascinating shapes and colors in the hedges or in the flowerbeds and to have a living green space in every season.

There are shrubs for all climates and all types of terrain, from rocky to wetter. The composition of the terrain and the environment that will hold the plant is of course very important and on it must be based the choice of the most suitable variety.

The varieties of our shrubs

In our nurseries we have many varieties of shrubby plants that differ according to their use, even if they are almost always suitable for use in gardens.

The aromatic plants are small and with a bushy posture, for instance the lavandula, the juniper, the hipericum and the rosemary, excellent for defining the borders and for their use in the kitchen.

The climbing shrubs are perfect to decorate outdoor spaces and create very suggestive dividers. Wisteria, jasmine, ivy, rose, bougainvillea are just some of the climbing varieties found in our nurseries.

Then there are the deciduous-leaved or evergreen shrubs such as myrtle and hawthorn, and also those flowering able to make very bright colors and give a colorful image to the whole garden: from roses, azalea, hydrangeas, you just have to choose the flower and the preferred color.

We cultivate them both in open ground and in container, so you can provide plants of different sizes, ready to be transplanted into your spaces.

produzione arbusti a Pistoia