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The perennial and gramineous plants

The perennial plants and grasses give seasonal color, scent and shape to each garden characterizing the style.

The perennial plants, also called alive or lively due to their capacity to last more than two years and withering and flourishing the following season.

The herbaceous perennials do not have stem and woody part and are well suited for being cultivated in borders, with walls or hedges as background.

Often in the gardens they are combined with other plants such as shrubs and annual or bulbous plants that give so much color.

In our nurseries we grow different varieties, among which Agapanthus stands out.

The Agapanto has African origin, with its unmistakable blue flower, it is much loved for the beauty of its blooms and for the slender posture, but also for the facility of growth with little land and little care.

Therefore, excellent also for those who love gardening without being able to devote too much time.

Perfect to fill the borders of the gardens and give a touch of color to completely green areas.

Also the graminaceae and the bamboo are species much used in the composition of the gardens and in general as ornaments.

They are very appreciated because being robust and rustic they need little care and resist very well to drought. Among the varieties we have the Cortadeira sellowiana, also called grass of the Pampas characterized by tall stems and much loved as ornamental plant due to its feathery inflorescences.

In the Giacomelli nurseries of Pistoia we grow in containers a large selection of perennial plants and grasses suitable for every type of garden.

bamboo in vendita da Giacomelli Piante (Piante Perenni e graminacee)
produzione e vendita agapanthus (Piante Perenni e graminacee)
piante perenni e graminacee coltivate in vivaio a Pistoia