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Climbing Plants

Real green walls.
could be called the climbing plants
They are known by all for their ability to create evergreen or flowery walls.
The vines arereally easy to cultivate and given to the rapid growth are perfect for decorating outdoor spaces even rather small and with poor soil.
For this reason, also those cultivated in vase have excellent vertical growths.
They are plants with a robust stem but the branches are very flexible and capable of undermining and climbing everywhere.
That is why they are well suited to beautify balconies, terraces, and pergolas, creating green barriers that in the long run become impenetrable, so good to act as dividing walls.
Among the evergreens the queen is undoubtedly the ivy, the climber par excellence creates vertical green carpets and an enveloping effect, perfect for hiding walls or walls not too beautiful.
Even jasmine is very popular, because in addition to the characteristics of all the vines has a very intense scent in spring and a very elegant bloom.
Then there are those flowering varieties such as the boungainvillea that give rise to spectacular blooming in the shades of purple, lilac, fuchsia and orange-red, often creating natural pergolas and shaded shelters.
The Wisteria, with a very fast growth, has a very robust stem and is excellent for making pergolas, even with the help of cables and dowels.
Many varieties with different characteristics to choose in our nurseries with the support of our experienced staff.
piante rampicanti- gelsomino
wisteria in vivaio a Pistoia
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