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Fruit plants

Although all the trees produce fruit, only some of them produce suitable for human consumption and for these we refer properly of fruit plants.

The plants, in order to grow strong and healthy, need the right care.  These include proper soil fertilization, the right amount of water, special attention to sun exposure and the use of specific techniques to hinder the growth of pests and harmful microorganisms, such as mulching.

There are many varieties of fruit plants. There are purely ornamental ones such as the prunus accollate commonly called Japanese cherry, with a wonderful and characteristic spring blossoming. But there are also European olea (olive) and vitis vinifera (vines) specific to the Tuscan territory and excellent for the production of oil and grapes.

In the Giacomelli nurseries our staff will guide you in visiting the land to know all the varieties available and support you in choosing the plants that best suit your use, the type of soil where they will be transplanted and the climate.

Contact us to get our complete catalogue and to request a visit.

piante da frutto - prunus serrulata
vitis vinifera in vendita a Pistoia
olea europea in coltivazione e vendita a Pistoia