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Well-known and appreciated trees, cypresses belong to the cupressacee family. 

There are many varieties, most of which are planted for ornamental purposes.

With a majestic, elegant and soaring appearance, the cypress is the most used tree to delimit the boundaries of the avenues, and in general to close the boundaries of the properties.

Much appreciated for its beauty.

But not only, given its characteristics of good resistance to heat and cold, good growth in temperate climates, the conical shape and dense foliage, it is a tree that is well suited to make windbreak hedges to be planted in very exposed areas; The cypress is flexible, folds without damage.

Among the most appreciated and widespread varieties are the Cupressus sempervirens and the Cupressocyparis leylandii.

The cupressus sempervirens is a variety that in the collective imagination seems to have always been part of the Italian landscape, when its origin is in Asia and was imported by the Phoenicians.

Like all cupressaceae it is the conical shape and the crown that develops in height to identify it.

It is an evergreen tree and therefore ensures constant shade and protection.

Cupressocyparis leylandii is one of the fastest growing conifers and for this reason, as well as for its pleasant appearance, it is widely used in making hedges.

Being an evergreen it maintains an intense green color throughout the year.

In the nursery Giacomelli in Pistoia are cultivated many various cypresses and available in various sizes and shapes, high stem, conifer, ball and others, to ensure a wide range of choice.

cupressus in vendita a Pistoia da Giacomelli Piante
cupressociparys leylandii in produzione e vendita da Giacomelli Piante a Pistoia
cipressi in vivaio coltivati da Giacomelli Piante