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When you think of trees the first image is undoubtedly that of conifers, all those beautiful evergreen plants characterized by the green color in a thousand shades, which naturally fill and give life to entire woods.

They belong to the Gymnosperme family and grow optimally in mild and temperate climate zones. That’s why they are perfect for furnishing green spaces in Italy and in general in Europe.

Rightly for their easy adaptation in the environments with mild climate, they are much utilized for decorating parks and gardens, but in the small dimensions they may find also in vases.

The erect and much ramified stem, the needle-like leaves and the conical fruits are the characteristics that identify them more and make them recognize them at a first and fast look.

It is not by chance that the name comes from the Latin Coniferum, literally cone and carry, which identifies all those trees that produce a woody fruit and similar in shape to the cone.

Mainly they develop in the form of a tree, even if some varieties can be found which are well suited to the growth in shrubby form.

Firs, larches, pines, sequoia and cypresses are the most common conifers of which in nursery we have a wide choice of variety and size; but even the smallest shrubs such as juniper and mountain pine are placed in our crops.

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