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The use of specimens of medium and large trees in the green furniture is increasingly frequent and great is the tendency to enrich private gardens, but also avenues, public parks and city streets with carefully selected masts.

Planting trees today more than ever helps to purify the air and make the environment healthier and with an aesthetically pleasing image.

The choice of the right tree depends on the place in which it will grow and also on the goal that you want to achieve. 

In the nursery we have a great variety of trees and large specimens: the maples or acer, in many varieties but united by the beauty of the foliage in the autumn; plane trees and magnolias among the most suitable species to combat air pollution and therefore perfect to furnish avenues and city areas; the tilia, fragrant and perfect to enrich gardens and parks; oaks and birches with a majestic appearance and universally recognized as good for countering the greenhouse effect; but also trees such as prunus serrulata, whose flowers are famous as cherry blossoms and that can give very suggestive glimpses in the spring period of flowering.

At Giacomelli Piante we cultivate with care in our nurseries a wide variety of trees and we know in depth the characteristics to recommend the best specimens according to your tastes and the place of transplantation.

coltivazione alberature a Pistoia
alberature di prunus serrulata prodotte da Giacomelli Piante
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