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Growing plants in containers

The cultivation of the plants in containers embraces the entire production of the Giacomelli nursery. In vase you can in fact find all the species present in our catalog, seasonally enriched with trendy plants.

The ornamental plants cultivated in vase are suitable to decorate space such as gardens, terraces, balconies.  They usually need more and constant irrigation, taking care to respect the needs of climate and brightness that are different for each plant.

The Watering, repeated fertilization, repotting, pruning, thinning and parasite contrast are stages to be scrupulously observed in order to obtain healthy and strong plants, which can therefore be easily transplanted and which suffer as little as possible the transplant stress.

In the nurseries Giacomelli Piante there is ample space for the cultivation in vase, with a careful research to the use of innovative materials and that allow a correct growth of the plants.

Garden Centers, wholesalers, landscapers and landscape architects are always welcome to visit our nurseries and select the plants best suited to their needs. Our experts are available to accompany and advise in the choice.