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Growing plants in the open ground

Cultivating plants in open ground is an excellent way to obtain healthy and robust trees and shrubs, strong and above all allows you to reach remarkable size and heights, with a cultivation that can last even many years.

Trees, shrubs and perennials grown in soil

To obtain an excellent production it is necessary to adhere scrupulously to high quality standards during all the different phases.

First of all it is essential to prepare the soil well before proceeding with the grafting, working it thoroughly, but not only: it is necessary to completely eliminate the weeds that may occur in the root area and feed the soil with organic materials, natural and environmentally friendly.

During the year there are several times of fertilization, preferably organic, to which is combined a constant irrigation, measured according to the type of plant whose growth is followed.

In winter, it may be necessary to repair plants that are more sensitive to the cold.

At the end of the growing period, which varies according to the species and the age and size that you want to reach, you proceed to the extraction of the plant and the clod: around the collar of the plant we shape a clod of soil plants that contains the roots, so that these remain intact in the transfer of the plants from the nursery to the place of transplantation.

At this point the plant can be planted in gardens, parks, in urban greenery.

At Giacomelli Piante, we are responsible for the daily cultivation of plants in open ground, in over 18 hectares of land, following all the various stages of development to ensure a healthy and strong growth even after the new planting.