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The Mimosaceae are the plants of the genus Mimosa, all those ornamental varieties diffused in Europe only from 1800.

Characterized by the production of very fragrant yellow flowers, among the most known and loved varieties there is the Acacia Dealbata that can reach up to 10 meters in height.

This type of plant is much loved for its flowering that in the temperate zones happens between January and March; after the blooming small fruits come out.

Some species have a more abundant flowering, other red colourations, others even less intense perfumes, a wide range of possibilities to agree everybody.

They are all semi-rustic plants that support well even the polluted environments and adapt very well to the urban green furniture of avenues, parks and gardens.

Even if the cultivation in soil is optimal, it may be convenient also that in vase, especially when the temperatures are very rigid seen that the mimosaceae do not tolerate much the frost.

For this reason it is also very important to always choose a sunny position and the soil must always be kept humid.

Following these small measures, the cultivation in the garden can give great satisfaction and a very suggestive scenic impact.

vendita acacia dealbata a Pistoia
albizia in produzione nel vivaio Giacomelli
mimosacee in vendita da Giacomelli Piante

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