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Maples are diffused in parks and gardens and much loved for its elegant and graceful look, they are characterized by a foliage that in the autumn period takes very intense colors from the red to the pomace, touching incredible gradations of shades.

The Acer genus includes more than 200 species. The red acer can be presented as small shrubs as well as tall trees and therefore much more imposing. Measures aside, the acer has a great ornamental impact.

There are many varieties that we grow in our nursery, such as Acer campestre, Rubrum, Japonicum, Palmatum and many others.

The Acer Palmatum is the most suitable for temperate climates like ours. Its natural beauty combines the ease of cultivation given its little need for care.

The acer are the most appreciated in ornamental nursery and are perfect to make the gardens marvelous places.

In the Giacomelli nurseries in Pistoia we cultivate with care a wide range of varieties of acer, both in container and in open ground to offer a great choice. They can be viewed and observed carefully with our staff during the visit in the nursery, so as to book the most suitable specimens for their use.

It is possible to choose the plant and leave it in the nursery even long before transplanting it, so as to make it grow monitored and subjected to the constant care of our agronomists.

produzione e vendita piante a pistoia
aceri in vendita in vivaio a pistoia
alberi in vendita da Giacomelli piante