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Ornamental plants

The ornamental plants are perfect for the furnishing of green spaces: from gardens to balconies, from parks to interiors. The plants improve the environment both thanks to their beauty and thanks to their ability to make the air healthier.

Ornamental plants in our nurseries are cultivated in two different ways, depending on the type of plant to support the growth. The cultivation takes place in open ground, then in the large land of our company and container.

The first step to achieving an excellent result, whether it is the green furniture of a garden, a park or a simple terrace, is knowing how to choose the right plant.

There are many factors that must be taken into account in choosing:

  • the environmental conditions in which the plant will grow
  • the microclimate
  • exposure to the sun or not
  • the presence of winds
  • the type of soil and the humidity present

Our staff is at your disposal to accompany you during the visit in the nursery and to support you in the choice of the species and the cultivations more suited to your needs and those of your customers. Many tips also on the best fertilization treatments and on frost protection techniques.

Among the most popular ornamental plants we have in the nursery there are evergreen trees such as:

acacia, acer, aesculus, albizia, laurus nobilis, birch, clerodendron, eucalyptus, fagus fraxinus, liqudambar, magnolia, prunus, quercus, sali, tilia.

But also evergreen shrubs and climbers: abelia, bougainvillea, camellia, clematis, hydrangea, jasmine, nerium are only some of the species available.

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Piante ornamentali: arbusti sempreverdi
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