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Plants production for Garden centers, wholesalers, landscapers

The plant production for Garden Center, wholesalers and landscapers is the main activity of Giacomelli Piante, nursery in Pistoia.

The production of plants is realized for a diversified clientele, united from the necessity to have near a reliable supplier, flexible and ready to satisfy the demands with rapidity and competence.

Garden centers and wholesalers find in the Giacomelli nurseries a very wide assortment of plants grown in open soil and container. From different sizes, they are ready to be transported and offered to customers.

Landscape architects and garden designers can visit the land and choose their own plants. These will then be booked, constantly checked and treated until delivery.

Varieties of plants grown in nursery

The crops are diversify and the catalog is provided with many ornamental varieties, perfect to enrich the green spaces.

The conifers, stand out among the evergreens, they are able to make the environment pleasantly green throughout the year. Among the conifers there are many varieties typical of the mountain hill areas: firs, larches, pines and cypresses which can totally change appearance to a garden, to an avenue or a park.

Shrubs for the hedges, usually made with evergreen shrubs, have such dense foliage to create a sort of green wall, perfect for delimiting the spaces, fencing the boundaries and also used as a barrier against the wind.

The fruit plants are probably the most loved for all those who want to fully enjoy the garden and also enjoy its fruits. In our nurseries also typical Tuscan varieties such as European olea and vitis vinifera.

Trees, shrubs and vines can be chosen in our nurseries and help to characterize the places in which they will be transplanted